Although Africa is the continent with the smallest number of air passengers annually, growth is on the rise.

Every year, it accounts for around 2% of global traffic, including both freight and passenger. South Africa is the leader in the number of air passengers carried, with 25 million in 2018. Egypt is close behind with 24 million and Morocco with 19 million. 

Most air travel in the African aviation industry is driven by tourism, but with the rise in population and economic growth on the continent, many opportunities are opening up for this thriving sector.

Tourism is booming

Tourism is one clear factor that is driving air travel to and from the African continent. Morocco, Egypt, South Africa, and Tunisia have the most tourists from all countries on the continent. The same countries are also the four with the highest passenger numbers. The most popular routes to Europe are all between the Northern African countries and France. 

Why should you work in the African aviation industry?

By choosing a job in aviation you’ll be working as part of a huge varied team. Whether you choose a senior management position in working for an airline or airport, rest assured that your job will require you to have a variety of different skills.

You could choose to pursue an executive position in an airline’s corporate team, or in a more technical role such as a pilot, mechanic or engineer. Or perhaps your skills lie in accounting, finance, law or airport management. No matter what executive role you choose, all employees work together to ensure their customers get safely to their destinations. Some reasons for getting into the African aviation industry include:

  • Plenty of travel opportunities
  • Meeting new people all across the world
  • Career progression opportunities
  • Company benefits and salary
  • Lifestyle benefits

Executive recruitment in Africa’s aviation sector

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