Africa is becoming one of the world’s fastest-growing economic hubs, six of the world’s fastest-growing economies can be found there! So, it’s no surprise that the infrastructure sector across the continent has become a top priority. In this blog post, we’ll assess the current state of infrastructure in Africa, as well as analysing the opportunity for overseas investment and career growth for ex-pats, locals and diasporas. 

Let’s begin!

A history of infrastructure in Africa

Development of infrastructure is one of the main drivers of sustainable progress across Africa. This is because infrastructure is seen as a crucial enabler for long-term economic growth in many countries across the continent. Various infrastructure projects are contributing to poverty reduction, human development and other key aims of the nations. It may come as no surprise that investment into infrastructure accounts for more than half of the recent improvement in economic growth. 

Of course, Africa is not without its challenges. For historical and geographical reasons, many African nations still lack basic access to many modern facilities. Only 38% of people living in Africa have access to electricity, and only a quarter of the continent’s road network is paved. There is also a growing demand for improvement to the continent’s railroads and ports.

What areas of infrastructure does Africa need to focus on?

To continue economic growth in Africa, the following areas of infrastructure need good investments and improvement:

  • Housing: Most housing is simply not affordable for the vast majority of Africans.
  • Energy: 62% of people who live in Africa have a lack of access to electricity.
  • Transportation: The transport sector needs to be more oriented towards improving human and social capital.
  • Information & Communication Technology: In 2012, research showed that 97 million people in Africa were using the internet, which corresponded to just 19% of the population.
  • Water & Sanitation: Improvements to water and sanitation have been made, but there is still a large percentage of the population that have little access to these basic human needs.

Opportunity for overseas investment

While a lack of infrastructure may seem like a threat to Africa’s long-term growth, at the same time it also presents a significant opportunity for investors. Africa has an abundance of minerals and other natural resources. This combined with the demand to improve housing, energy and transport facilities, has led to huge investments in infrastructure projects.

Many African governments are committing billions of dollars to infrastructure, and it’s predicted that the continent is at the start of a 20-30 year development boom. The opportunity for building and commercial infrastructure projects is increasing rapidly, as is the opportunity for future infrastructure jobs in Africa. 

Executive recruitment in Africa’s infrastructure sector

Many organisations in Africa are on the lookout for highly skilled executives to drive economic growth through large infrastructure development projects. 

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