Bourne Recruitment is one of the leading executive search agencies for board-level and senior management jobs across Africa.

We’re an executive recruitment agency that specialises in executive search for a variety of organisations based across the African continent. Our team of qualified headhunters have recruited and placed locals, diasporas and ex-pats in some of the world’s most renowned companies from the UK, Africa, and beyond.

We have a vast database of talented and qualified candidates, all of which have been vetted by our extensive recruitment process. Bourne Recruitment is here to help your organisation recruit the best talent for your executive jobs in Africa.

Executive search in Africa

Why Africa?

Africa may be just one continent, but it is composed of a rich multidimensional mix of nationalities, cultures and languages. If you’re looking for a career in an executive role, then Africa has plenty of opportunities. Did you know that six of the world’s fastest-growing economies are in Africa? The continent is seeing investment in infrastructure, renewable technology and much more, as many countries look to enable long-term sustainable economic growth. 

Africa also has an abundance of untouched natural resources and minerals, so industries like the mining sector are thriving. This, when combined with the demand for housing, energy and new transport facilities, has led to companies investing in huge projects across the continent. As a result, many of these organisations in Africa are on the lookout for qualified and skilled senior executives to drive economic growth through these projects.

When to use executive search

The best executive talent in any company is usually one of its most valuable assets, and businesses invest lots of time and resources to retain these key individuals. As a result, these candidates are not actively available in the open hiring market.

That’s where executive search comes in. It is suited to leadership roles that will give companies a competitive advantage over its rivals in the marketplace. It’s also the best way to identify and headhunt candidates with specific skill sets, which are often in short supply!

If you’re an organisation looking to recruit talented candidates for your senior management and board-level roles, then you may be wondering why and when you should use an executive search agency. Here’s why and when you should use it:

  • You can hire the best available candidate rather than relying on a few referrals from your own network.
  • Extend your candidate search internationally, so you can hire the best person with the right skill set.
  • If you’ve previously hired the wrong person for the position in the past.
  • If you’re looking for a candidate with a very specific and extremely rare set of skills and talents.
  • If you’ve been trying to fill an executive position for over three months, with no success.

Enlist the help of Bourne Recruitment’s executive recruitment services

We’re specialists in conducting executive search across the UK, Africa and beyond. Our team have been headhunting for top executive jobs based across the African continent for over 15 years. With offices in the UK and Ghana, we focus on senior management positions in the following sectors:

With our executive recruitment services, we will find and identify the top candidates that match the job role you’re hiring for, as well as your company ethos and culture too. We can help your organisation become more visible and connect you to potential candidates, so you can form a beneficial working relationship and help drive growth across Africa’s economies.

If you’re interested in hiring us to conduct your executive search, get in touch today by calling:

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Please contact us if you have any further queries about our recruitment services.