Bourne Recruitment is one of the leading recruitment agencies for executive and senior management roles within the African flour milling and agriculture sectors.

As one of the leading specialists in recruiting positions for flour milling and agriculture jobs in Africa, we can provide executive search services for a variety of senior management roles, due to our extensive database of highly skilled candidates. 

Our team of recruitment specialists are some of the best headhunters for agriculture jobs based across the African continent. If you’re looking for your next role within the flour milling, farming or agricultural industry in Africa or you’re an organisation looking to hire a quality candidate for a senior position, rest assured that Bourne Recruitment can help you with your requirements.

What is an agricultural job role?

Agricultural jobs in Africa centre around the growing, maintenance and harvesting of crops, such as vegetables, fruits, grains and nuts, or the looking after livestock. 

Agricultural workers often work under the supervision of an agricultural manager, where they often receive on the job training. Most agricultural and flour milling jobs require candidates to work on mills or farms of all sizes, from small family-run businesses to large industrial agriculture organisations. 

As for more senior roles such as agricultural or farm managers, these positions are often responsible for making sure that work happens on farm estates and mills. Their tasks often include daily planning, organisation, supervision and administration of the various activities that their workers do. Some include:

  • Making policy decisions
  • Organising sales and purchases of livestock, farm equipment, crops and agricultural products
  • Budgeting and maintaining accurate financial records
  • Handling paperwork and keeping administrative records
  • Recruiting, training/instructing and supervising farmworkers
  • Ensuring compliance with government regulations and health and safety standards
  • Ensuring that the farm is profitable and meets projected financial targets
  • Advertising, selling and marketing farm/mill products.

We can help you find and secure a senior management role in Africa’s agricultural industry

If you’re looking for a senior management role within the flour milling and agriculture industry, then look no further than Bourne Recruitment! Our dedicated team of farming headhunters will take all your current job circumstances, wants and needs into account when looking for a new role in the African job market.

We want to help you find a new job that will open up new and exciting opportunities for you, as well as one that will make the most of your existing skillset. Our extensive interview process allows us to determine what your key attributes and aspirations are, as well as the kind of role you’re looking for and type of organisation you want to work for. Once we’ve secured your new role we’re here to answer my questions you may have so that the transition into your new job is as seamless and efficient as possible!

Why choose Bourne Recruitment to find candidates for your executive job role in Africa?

For over 15 years, Bourne Recruitment has been placing locals, diasporas and ex-pats in executive and board-level positions within the African flour milling and agricultural industry. We frequently work with both UK and African-based clients to find the ideal candidate for their executive farm jobs.

Whether your business is UK or Africa-based, our team will work alongside your company to headhunt and identify candidates that are suited to not only the role but your workplace culture too. By using our recruitment services, we can help to make your business more visible to these candidates, as well as helping you to connect with them, so mutually beneficial working relationships can be formed.

If you’re interested in hiring Bourne Recruitment to fill your executive job within the flour milling or agriculture sector in Africa, get in touch today! Call:

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