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Bourne Recruitment are on the lookout for top talent for a variety of roles in Africa’s private equity sector. We’re executive search specialists who headhunt top management positions in some of Africa’s and the world’s top business organisations. Our team of high-skilled recruiters have placed locals, ex-pats and diasporas in some of the best private equity businesses in Africa. 

We have a vast database of qualified and highly-skilled candidates, which we can put forward for your private equity invested managerial position. Our team works closely with businesses to recruit the best talent for senior management job roles through our thorough headhunting process. Alternatively, if you’re looking for your next career move in Africa, Bourne Recruitment can help you find and secure an executive position in a private equity invested business in Africa. Take a look at our vacancies below!

Private equity in Africa

In recent years, the African continent has increasingly become a profitable destination for investors in private equity. Many African governments have strived to reform their economies and financial systems, leading to a rise in incomes and attractive markets for foreign investors.

The significant growth of the Chinese and Indian economies has also caused a rise in demand for commodities, pushing growth in Africa too. There’s a lot of potential for the African private equity sector to grow further, as consumer demand grows and investment in infrastructure rises. All of this has resulted in an increase in the number of executive roles based in Africa. Organisations are looking for top talent to drive growth across the continent.

What is private equity?

Private equity focuses on businesses that are not publicly trading on a stock exchange. These private equity organisations make money by investing in or buying up private companies and working to increase their value. By doing so, they provide capital to help businesses grow, develop new products or restructure. 

Across Africa, private equity investment has mostly been by large multinational organisations or development finance institutions, which has invested in the continent’s infrastructure, mining, energy and telecom projects. In recent decades, there has been a clear rise in interest in the sector on the continent.

Why choose a career in a private equity-backed company?

Private equity-backed businesses can be tough places to work in. The level of scrutiny and the importance of succeeding following huge investments can make it challenging. On the other hand, they are more likely to have money available to spend and invest in the business to ensure it succeeds. As a senior executive in a private equity-backed company, you’re more likely to have equity in the company and can therefore reap the rewards on exit 3 to 5 years down the line. Africa has seen an increase in the demand for investment, and as a result, has a variety of private equity jobs on offer to both locals and ex-pats.

Bourne Recruitment’s executive search process will help you find a senior role within a private equity backed business that makes the most of your existing talents. Our interview process helps us to determine your key attributes, so we can help you find and secure a new job that will open up new and exciting opportunities for you in private equity. We’ll find the right kind of executive role that suits you, as well as ensuring that you’re working for an organisation that fits your values!

Are you hiring for executive roles in Africa?

Over the past 15 years, Bourne Recruitment has been recruiting for private equity investment firms based in the UK, USA, UAE and Africa. Our team of recruiters have placed hundreds of candidates in executive management and board-level positions across the continent. We work closely with private equity organizations to find their ideal candidate.

By choosing us as your headhunting partner, we’ll work alongside your business to find and identify top candidates that match your desired job role, as well as your company culture too. We can help your organisation become more visible and connect you to potential candidates, so you can form a beneficial working relationship that’ll last!

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