This year the annual IAOM flour milling conference was held in Zanzibar, so I decided to attend and make a journey to other places in East Africa whilst I was in the region. The conference was a great success, and it was fantastic to meet up with so many of my friends, contacts and clients that I have known in the industry. During my time in Zanzibar I also took some time to visit Stone Town – the spice market and Prison Island, for me the highlight was seeing where Freddie Mercury lived. 

Dar es Salaam  & Nairobi

Moving on from Zanzibar I flew back to Dar Es Salaam for a few days before heading back to Nairobi. The road infrastructure of both cities has changed hugely since my last visit with new bridges and toll roads making travelling by car so much easier. Whilst I know for some the foreign investment has its issues, for me you can’t fail to see how much quicker getting around town is and this will unquestionably increase productivity and further increase investment in East Africa.

East Coast of Kenya, Malindi and Kilifi

It was a pleasure to be invited by my client to see the East coast of Kenya,  another tropical paradise, Malindi is one hour away by plane or and eight hour drive. Here on the coast its much warmer than Nairobi and noticeably quieter. Industry here is mainly agriculture and tourism.

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